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Our Testimonials

Allow us to show you some results from our customers. After all, a picture speaks a thousand words!

Grace has been suffering from acne problems due to hormonal imbalance for the past 20 over years. She constantly suffers from painful acne which even causes swelling on her face.


Grace had tried different different types of medicines and therapy but the frequent doctor visits did not help with her condition.

Upon consumption of just 2 capsules of Asxence daily, her condition improved tremendously after 9 years. She said that her face had never felt better. 

Grace Che, 25

Mr Yu have been suffering from serious diabetes. His legs started to have open wounds (the cause is unknown) and he had to go for wound cleaning at the hospital 3 times a week. Even with prescribed medication, the wounds showed no signs of healing. His joints started to harden making him barely able to walk, coupled with the sharp pain from his wounds, Mr Yu thought his life was coming to an end. 

After being introduced Asxence, he started taking 6 capsules a day. Just 1 week into consumption, he felt a lot more energetic. 12 days later, his joints felt a lot better and the pain from his wounds subsided. At week 6, his wounds made 100% recovery. His doctor cut down most of his medicine and Mr Yu is thankful for Asxence saving his life.

Mr Yu, 81

Mr Chee, age 63 has long term side effects from coming into contact with insecticides and pesticides along with other harmful chemicals. His immune systems has broken down and is currently suffering from serious skin diseases. Doctors have told him that there is no medicine that can treat his skin problems and have advised to simply rest at home.


After consuming Asxence Astaxanthin for 5 weeks, 6 capsules a day, his skin has dramatically improved with visible results.

Mr Chee, 63

Mr Wi suffers from high blood pressure and hypertension. He also struggles with weak stamina and low endurance while playing sports.


After taking Asxence for 3 months, his blood pressure has gone down to an ideal level. Mr Wi is also very happy to have experience an improvement in his sports performance through better stamina and endurance. 

Mr Wi, 55

Mr David is a store specialist that requires him to load and unload a lot of goods on a daily basis. He suffers from lower back pain and a weak body. 

After taking Asxence for a few weeks, his back pain recovered tremendously and he feels a lot stronger and alert. 

Mr David, 25

Mr Lee likes to play game on his phone but experiences eye sight deteoration - his vision has started to turn blurry.

On top of that, Mr Lee suffers from tiredness and lack of focus at work. His complexion looked dull and pale. 

After taking Asxence for 1.5 months, Mr Lee not only exprienced eyesight improvements, he feels more alert  and his dark circles lightened by 90%.

Mr Lee, 37

Mr Landdis is an ex national discus thrower who holds a record in IVP games. He experienced lack of muscle strength, stamina, joint pain and back pain due to his history of intensive training. 

After taking Asxence, his conditions improved by 30%. Landdis recommends Asxence to those who are taking part in competitive sports and people who wants to have better stamina, muscle strength and endurance.

Mr Landdis, 32

Mr Lee have been suffering from diabetes for the past 25 years. Due to his condition, he can barely feel any sensation on his feet. One night after taking a stroll barefooted on a pebbled walkway, Mr Lee noticed the floor to be full of blood. It was then that he realised that his foot has been bleeding for quite some time. 

As it is hard for diabetic patients to heal, Mr Lee thought he would have to amputate his foot. 

However, after consumption of 6 capsules of Asxence a day, over a period of 3.5 weeks, the wound made 100% recovery. 

Mr Lee, 58

Sean was scalded by boiling soup and the wound was declared a second degree burn by the Doctor. Only given cream to apply from the hospital, Sean was in a lot of pain.


He consumed 4 capsules of Asxence a day and felt no pain just 3 days after consumption. 

His wound was 80% recovered just after 8 days of the accident.

Sean Tan, 28

Joyce age 63, Before taking Axsence Astaxanthin the age spot , yellow speckles, freckles.

After taking Asxence Astaxanthin for 17 days , the age spots , freckles and pigments go away by at least 50%

Ms Joyce, 63

Derrick is a sportsman. Upon taking Asxence for 1 month (4 capsules/day) his stamina and endurance has improved to a large extent. He can now run 26km or cycle 100km in a go - something that could not be achieved prior the consumption of Asxence. 

Derrick's family has a history of diabetes. His family members experienced an improvement of empty stomach glucose (maintaining at 5.8-6.2). 

Derrick's wife suffers from migraine and gastric issues. With just 2 capsules of Asxence a day, her migraines are completely gone and her gastric problems improved by 80%.

Mr Derrick, 44

Kelvin suffers from onset sudden deafness. He experienced no improvements despite taking medications and going for treatments. 

However, after taking Asxence for just 1 week (4 capsules/day), he recovered 90% of his hearing. 

On top of that, Kelvin's dry eye syndrome has also improved within a week.

Mr Kelvin, 50

Mr Leong has colon cancer 20 years ago. Unfortunately, his cancer relapsed again a few months ago. He went through surgery to prevent the spread and is currently going for chemotherapy. 

His cancer specialist told him to expect side effects like serious mouth ulcers, skin and nails turning black, pain and numbness in the feet, sores, serious diarrhoea, tiredness and a lack of energy.

However, Mr Leong started taking Asxence at the start of his chemotherapy and his cancer specialist found it surprising that Mr Leong has not experience any of the aforementioned side effects after 2 months of chemotherapy. 

Mr Leong takes 4 capsules of Asxence a day , which he has gradually increased to 6 and subsequently 9 capsules. He is very happy with the results and feels comfortable even after chemotherapy.

Mr Leong, 85

Mr Piao loves playing badminton. However, due to old age and long hours of working, he always feel tired and does not have stamina to play badminton. 

After 5 weeks of taking Asxence, his stamina has improced by at least 30%, he even feels that he can react faster during his badminton games. With improved stmaina and endurance, he does not feel tired even after many games of badminton. 

His eye fatigue has also improved drastically and he is feeling more confident about his lifestyle as a result.

Mr Piao, 58


“I need to apply eyedrops 6-8 times a day due to dry eyes. I started taking 2 capsules of Asxence a day and my condition improved drastically after 3 weeks. Now, I only have to drip my eyedrops once daily.”

Mdm Lim, 82


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